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Why We charge for Consultations.

The tricky subject of consultation fees and why we’ve opted to implement it.

What are you getting for your money, you ask ? Others don’t charge so why are you, you ask?

The answers are very simple, we are a well renowned landscaping company with a plethora of knowledge and experience in our field. We take great pride in not only our workmanship but also how we communicate and respond with our clients, creating an enjoyable partnership from the outset. We also refuse to cut corners or use inferior products of any description. We go above and beyond to accommodate our clients needs.

Our work is built to last a life time, lets face facts for a moment, it is your hard earned cash you’ll be spending so why not opt for the very best quality in the first instance thereby removing any doubts that the work may have to be re-done at a later stage.

“What will you be getting for your consultation fee?”

A fee of £15 ex Vat. will include:

  1. 30 minute - 1 hour consultation

  2. Relevant samples for your specific needs

  3. A second consultation once you have decided on the products that you would like to use

  4. A personalised folder containing your quote, including any relevant and extra information

  5. Should you go ahead with our services this consultation fee will be reimbursed in full and deducted from your deposit.

“Other Companies don’t charge so why are you”

Our experience over the years has proved to us on numerous occasions that there are many ‘cowboys’ operating in the industry who will offer to do your garden for unrealistically cheap prices.

We simply can not compete with those unrealistic prices and nor do we wish to, high quality workmanship and materials do not come cheaply. Every client of ours is of the same opinion and thankfully aware of the scammers out there who have no conscience when it comes to shoddy work and taking your money.

We are charging a refundable fee to help us filter out the clients who want excellent quality and workmanship over price. We don’t always come in as the cheapest but we will always deliver the highest standard of workmanship, materials and customer service.

Alternative option

We do offer an alternative option. If you send in a photo of your project and the measurements, we can give an estimated price for you. If you then decided that this is in your budget and you are interested in EverGreen

Landscapes coming out to you, then a site visit can be arranged and the above will apply. Please note that a full quotation can not be given unless a site visit has taken place.

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